PetroMan® - Integrated Energy Trading and Risk Management Solution

PetroMan® an integrated computer software for business management of refined products and NGL ( natural gas liquids ) in the areas of physical cash, futures and options trading, business operations, and accounting. Tracks the entire trading and marketing process from the trading floor through operational accounting. The Windows user interface is easy to use with point and click actions. PetroMan® is high quality from the ground up and is based on the latest client server and object oriented technologies. PetroMan® has more functionality and cost far less than competing products. Sisu Group, Inc. home page:

Fixed and Floating Physical Deals
Forwards, Multiple Day Pricing
EFP, Trigger and Give-Up
Futures Contracts
Comprehensive Basis Management

Automatic Contract Generation and Workflow Management
Complete Confirmation Letter Management with Faxing

Position and Market Risk
Complete Position and Hedge Management
Fixed and Floating Price Risk Analysis
Estimated and Actual P/L by Book, Strategy and other Custom Categories
Comprehensive Book and Strategy Management
Market Price Tracking of all Commodities and Refined Products
Position Summary (all products all months)
Market Price Tracking from Multiple Price Sources

Pipeline Scheduling
Pipeline Scheduling with Point & Click Matching
Pipeline Scheduling Confirmation Letter
Exchange Forecast, Delivered and Scheduled Volumes

Performance Reporting
Multitude of Trading Performance Reports
Basis vs. Market; Cash Price vs. Market, Futures Price vs. Market, Hedge Amount etc.

Pool Management
Exchange & Inventory Management
Forecasting and Position (Hedge) Management

Inventory / Exchange
Inventory / Exchange Management by Product and Grade
Terminal Liftings (Rack / Exchange)

Credit Limit, Letter of Credit, Pre-Payment, Exception Credit
Cash Flow Management
Vendor Activity Report
Vendor Credit Risk
Financials Tracking, Credit Watch

AR/AP - Invoice/Purchase Order generation, including Net Out
Merc Broker Statement Reconciliation
Futures Open and Closed Position Report
Payment Tracking with Multiple Reports
Accounting Interface

Rack Marketing

Automates all aspects of Rack Marketing

Integrated with Bulk modules

Price Postings thru DTN Energy

Price data feeds from PLATTS

Receive Bill of Ladings thru DTN, TopTech and Williams

Distribute Invoices and EFT Notices thru DTN

Support standard posted pricing, fixed forward contract price. Prices are time dependent to the minute.

Automated Invoicing

Automatic EFT Notice distribution

EFT Draft due processing

Automatic Tax calculations (Federal, State & Local)

Terminal Inventory reconciliation

Marketing Reports (Sales, Trends, Performance)

Interface to Accounting System


Dynamic Menu Structure with My Favorites folder

Comprehensive audit trail capability

Easy to copy one or multiple deals
Extensive use of summary-to-detail drill down capabilities on all significant reports and screens
Extensive and very flexible list and search capabilities throughout the entire system
Default data values are automatically entered when possible
System is built with the intention to eliminate or reduce the need to produce large printed reports. The information is easily available on the screen. The idea is to make it easy for the user to find the exceptions they are looking for and let the system do the work. Printed reports are always available when needed
The system has over one hundred different windows
The system is completely integrated meaning that everything is controlled by user defined parameter and lookup tables. There is no need to remember codes etc. All input fields have list boxes available when needed. The whole system is completely data driven, thus very little "hard coding" in the programs. The data that is entered control the behavior of the system
Pop-up calendar for date fields
Resizing of all windows with memorized preferences
Content of all windows can be printed
Content of all windows can be saved in many different formats including MS Excel spreadsheets
Report snap-shots can be e-mailed and viewed in standard web browser
Database security with password protection
Capability to take snapshots of reports and review them later through standard report viewer
On-line Help
Automatic Export/Import of data function. Can be used to run a snapshot of the system on separate PC


Full audit trail capability

Comprehensive database plus functional level security

Client PC: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7
Server: Microsoft Windows 2008 Server+
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2+
PetroMan® is built using the latest object oriented techniques and development tools.

PetroMan® is a registered trademark of Sisu Group, Inc. all others of their respective companies.